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The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office offers this Internet "inmate/recent arrest/warrant inquiry" feature to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. This information shall not be considered, or used as, a public document, or official document, and no other publication or copying of this information is allowed without the express written consent of the person(s), and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office. Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution. The information is provided as a request under the Freedom of Information Act, and the Public Records Act. Nothing contained herein is intended to imply or infer the guilt or wrongdoing of any person(s) listed on this site.

The name information provided within JADES is provided to us by the arrestee and/or the arresting agency at the time of arrest. At the time this report is generated, verification made by fingerprints, criminal histories or any other identification quality controls in place, may not be completed. For questions or comments regarding this site you may contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office via email info@lafayettesheriff.com or by calling (337) 232-9211.

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